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Employment/Volunteer Form

Retail Sales – Working in the store
Working Events – Working Registration
Working Events – As a support boater
Working Events – Helping Customers get in and out of their boats
Driving – Including trailering and driving a small bus
Kayak or SUP Instructor and/or Guide
Support Boater on the river
General Help – Loading, Uploading, Processing, Cleaning
Office work – Bookkeeping, Ringing up sales
I could work one day per week (or evenings)
I could work two days per week (or evenings)
I could work three days per week (or evenings)
I would like a part time job working 30 hours per week
I don’t really need a job; but I would be willing to volunteer during events (or at other times)
I can only work weekdays
I can only work weeknights
I can only work weekends
I could work a mixture of weeknights and weekends
Weekdays: 12-3 pm
Weekdays: 3-7 pm
Saturdays: 11-5 pm
Selected Sundays
Anytime, Any day