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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (commonly referred to as SUP) is relatively new to the Midwest and is currently the fastest growing water sport in the country. A stand up paddleboard looks like a surf board, having evolved from the surf industry, but are longer and wider. Recreational boards are generally 9-12 feet in length and have a padded deck. They have between one and four fins on the bottom to help with tracking. The board is propelled using a long, single bladed paddle that can be either adjustable or fixed in length. 

What’s Stand Up Paddleboarding All About?

People use their paddleboards on different types of water; doing activities such as yoga and fitness, ocean surfing, river surfing, racing, destination paddling, and exploring lakes and rivers. Anyone can do stand up paddleboarding, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy this sport.  Fitness is a big draw with SUP paddlers; being able to strengthen your core, improve balance, and increase cardio. It’s a low-impact, fun way to stay active and play in the water. Want to learn more about Stand Up Paddleboarding? Check out our informative articles on the different aspects of the sport.

How Can I Get Involved?

Whitewater Warehouse offers many opportunities to GET INVOLVED with Stand Up Paddleboarding. You can try out a board by attending one of our many paddle days at Eastwood Lake. You can sign up for SUP instruction, register for SUP Yoga, and participate in our weekly SUP racing circuit. How cool is that?  We also offer weekend board rentals. Throughout the year you’ll see a number of fun events you can attend as well. Meet new people and walk away with some great new friends and an activity that you can enjoy for a lifetime!