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Kayak Fishing


Kayak Fishing is a sport which is growing by leaps and bounds.  Getting started can be as simple as getting a boat, a life jacket, and a paddle. Fishing kayaks are generally wide and stable, 10-14 feet in length and 32-36 inches wide. You can fish inland lakes and rivers, or venture out on the oceans, gulfs and bays.  Many kayaks allow you to fish from a seated or a standing position; or sit side saddle with feet dangling.  There are kayaks to satisfy both the fly fishing and bait cast personalities. You can travel and explore places in a kayak that you’ve only dreamed about.  And the fishing… well, the possibilities are endless!

What’s Kayak Fishing All About?

While you can fish out of basically any kayak; models designed specifically for fishing may offer more stability.  Angler-specific kayaks typically come rigged with some basic accessories that you’ll enjoy having.  These kayaks generally have plenty of storage areas.  Most will offer a spot for securing a milk crate, bucket or bag; as well as having multiple track areas designed to mount a whole array of rod holders, and other gadgets such as gps, fish finders, cameras, phones, etc.  You can make the rigging for your fishing kayak as simple or as elaborate as you wish.  Fishing kayaks are wide, so a longer two piece kayak paddle will be just the ticket for moving your kayak across the waterway to that special fishing spot that you’ve had your eye on for years and couldn’t get to.  Land your first fish and you’ll be ‘hooked’ for life! Want to learn more about Kayak Fishing?  Check out our informative articles on the different aspects of the sport.


New on the Fishing Scene!

SUP Fishing Boards (a Stand Up Paddleboard designed for fishing) are a NEW way to get out and fish.  You heard right, it’s a pretty cool concept when you think about it…


How Can I Get Involved?

Whitewater Warehouse offers a wide variety of fishing kayaks; as well as accessories and mounts from YAK Attack, Ram and Scotty.  We also have pfd’s, protective clothing, booties, and more. You can try out different boat designs during our many paddle days at Eastwood Lake; or you can rent a kayak for the day or a weekend. This summer you will have the opportunity to participate in a fishing tournament series on lakes and streams in Dayton and the surrounding area. Meet new people and walk away with some great new friends and an activity that you can enjoy for a lifetime!