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Recreational Kayaking


Recreational kayaking is one of the most popular disciplines in paddlesports.  It is easy to learn and appeals to all age groups.  Recreational kayaks, otherwise known as Rec kayaks, are designed to be stable and are user friendly.  This means that they are generally wide and do not flip easily. These types of kayaks are fun to cruise around in, go fishing or explore local lakes and calm meandering streams.  

Touring kayaks, also referred to as sea kayaks, are longer and narrower than recreational kayaks.  Touring boats are known for their speed and ability to track, or move in a straight line.  They are usually the boats of choice when paddling on flat stretches of river and large bodies of water like lakes, bays, and open waters of the ocean.  These boats are typically designed with sealed hatches to accommodate gear needed on multi-day trips.

What’s Kayaking All About?

Kayaking gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself and experience nature first hand. You can explore places in a kayak that other watercrafts can’t reach.  Kayaking is great exercise and an excellent way to relieve daily stress.  You can challenge and express yourself by doing as little or as much as you would like.  You can paddle hard for a good workout or simply relax.  Kayaking is also a fun family activity. Want to learn more about kayaking? Check out our informative articles on the different aspects of the sport.

How Can I Get Involved?

Whitewater Warehouse offers many opportunities to GET INVOLVED with kayaking. You can attend one of our many paddle days at Eastwood Lake, sign up for lessons, or attend our weekly paddle down the Mad River.  We also offer rental opportunities.  Throughout the year you’ll see a number of fun events you can attend as well.  Meet new people and walk away with some great new friends and an activity that you can enjoy for a lifetime!