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Pyranha Fusion L River Tour w/Skeg - New Closeout

Pyranha Fusion L River Tour w/Skeg, Lime/Blue/White, NEW 2015 Closeout, $775

Wave Sport Z

Wave Sport Z, Orange, EC, $350

Guidebooks for the Southern Appalachians

Whitewater of the Southern Appalachians - NEW! Volume 1: The Plateau; Volume 2: The Mountains; by Kirk Eddlemon. These whitewater guidebooks are a work of art! Both beautiful and highly informative! A must for every whitewater paddler!

Jackson Traverse 9

Jackson Traverse 9 w/Skeg, Crossover, Teal/Purple, 2017, EC, $899

Jackson Traverse 10

Jackson Traverse 10 w/Skeg, Crossover, Blue/Teal, 2017, EC, $899

Dagger Axis 12 w/skeg

Dagger Axis 12 w/skeg, Red/Yellow/Black, EC, $670

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