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Pyranha Fusion L

Pyranha Fusion L w/Skeg, C4S Outfitting, Crossover, Red/Gray/White, VGC, $675

Jackson Kayak Fun Series

JK has redesigned the Fun Series! For 2015 the updated models will be: the 2Fun, Fun, & 4Fun. The entirely new hull design returns the paddler to the roots of what fun on whitewater is: river running, surfing, squirting, cartwheeling and more. The NEW hull will have high, forgiving, parting lines, lots of leg room for comfort and a sleek style reminiscent of the Fun we’re used to paddling. The combination of hull shape for river running and for play makes this boat a great all around option.

Wave Sport Mobius 49 - Used

Wave Sport Mobius 49, Citrus, Small Person Playboat, Very Good Condition, $599.

Pyranha Fusion M - New Closeout

Pyranha Fusion M w/Skeg, Crossover, Lime/Blue/White, NEW 2015 Closeout, $849

Dagger Katana

New Dagger Katana crossover comes in either 9.7ft or 10.4ft Price $1029

Pyranha Fusion L River Tour w/Skeg - New Closeout

Pyranha Fusion L River Tour w/Skeg, Lime/Blue/White, NEW 2015 Closeout, $775

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