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BIC Wing 12'6

BIC Wing 12'6, Red/White, $699

Bonafide SS127

The Bonafide SS127 is in the House! The SS127 is an exciting, newly released fishing kayak that is the ultimate in Fishability!


Big Fish 105 and Big Fish 120 -- 3 Waters Kayaks

The Big Fish has a stable cathedral hull, open standing platform, and a 4-position seat. It tracks well, has rod and tackle storage, a removable console and is rudder ready! The seat flips up and out of the way for a roomy standing area as well as providing support! This boat comes in two sizes. The 120 is available now; and the 105 will be available in April 2018.

Jackson Super Charger SUP

Jackson Super Charger SUP, Orange, EC, $575

Jackson Antix L

Jackson Antix L, Aztec, EC, $899

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