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SURF DAYTON - Community Park & Play

Dates:  June 14, 28; July 12, 26; August 2, 16, 30

Selected Thursdays (during the 2018 season)

Get ready to Surf Dayton!!! Meet your buddies at one of the new ‘River Features’ on selected Thursday evenings this summer!  Bring your stand up paddleboards and/or kayaks and become a regular participant at this Community Park & Play!  We plan to use either the Eastwood Park feature or the Riverscape feature, depending on water levels.  The location will be posted.  This event will be for all skill levels; with good swimming skills.  It’s a super fun time and a great chance to play around in the river features with the support of the paddling community.  The event will run from 6:00-8:00 p.m.  Check out this short video!

If you need equipment, no problem!   Boat and board rentals can be reserved ahead of time; and delivered to the wave.  There’s just one catch… you must preregister and prepay for this service.  Fees: There is no charge to attend the event; however, will be:  $20 plus tax (cash/check); $21 plus tax (credit card)    

The Surf Dayton, Community Park & Play event is an opportunity to meet people, try your hand at surfing and playing in the feature.  You don’t have to know how… you can watch and experiment.  There are no rules saying that you have to standup and surf on the boards.  You can have just as much fun going out on your belly or sitting on your knees.  You’ve got to try it!  It’s so fun!  Note: Good swimming skills are essential for this activity.

You can pre-register for equipment by stopping by the store, calling 937-222-7020, or you can e-mail at: wwwh@erinet.com.  Reservations should be made before 3:00 the day of the event.

This event is offered by Whitewater Warehouse.

Participation Guidelines:

  • Reservations required for equipment rentals only (See above)
  • If you are renting equipment you must sign a waiver before getting on the water.
  • If you have your own equipment you can just show up.  No charge to participate.
  • Equipment Rental Costs:  
  •      $20.00 plus tax (Cash or Check) - $21.45
  •      $21.00 plus tax (Credit Card) - $22.52
  • PFD’s/LifeJackets & Helmets must be worn while on the water
  • You are responsible for your own safety.  No lifeguard on duty.
  • You must be 13 or older to participate
  • Minors must be accompanied on the water by responsible adult
  • Dress to get wet 
  • Shoes are highly recommended
  • Location is subject to change
  • In case of unfavorable conditions, this event may be cancelled
  • Check status by calling the store at 937-222-7020
  • In case of thunderstorms:  You must vacate the water for 20 minutes once lightning has been spotted
  • Once you have chosen to participate, there are no refunds for changes in the weather

Note:  This event is intended as a group gathering where you can play and have fun.  It is not instructional and there are no life guards.  We offer Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing Lessons on selected Wednesday evenings.

Whitewater Warehouse offers retail sales, as well as a wide range of activities and instruction, catering to all disciplines (recreational, whitewater, touring, fishing and SUP).  We have a very knowledgeable staff, with years of hands on experience.  Stop in for a visit… you’ll feel right at home!  We are located at 104 Valley Street.  Summer Hours are Monday thru Thursday 4:00-9:00 pm and Saturdays from 10:00-6:00 pm.

We offer a variety of ‘on the water’ activities for you to enjoy including river trips, river surfing, kayak and SUP rentals, as well as a variety of classes.  Something for everyone!  Events and activities will be posted on our Event Calendar, with reminders on Facebook.  Visit our website at www.kayakdayton.com or call 937-222-7020 for additional information.

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